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What is Truecare?

TrueCare is a community built to support you, your family and your health team.

Using simple software across all device, TrueCare allows you to shop for care, create your health team and manage all of your family's health needs in one place.

A network of exceptional health providers, easy access to trusted referrals, resources and long-term support.
One stop shopping for all of your health needs, quality referrals, secure collaboration between you and your health team, on-going education, support and health management.
Community verification by TrueCare members and providers insures a quality health experience. Look for the TrueCare verification emblem.
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What does health mean to you?

Join the conversation about what “Health is…”

We believe you have something to say about what health means to you and we’re looking for submissions for the ‘Health is…’ blog sponsored by TrueCare. Contributions can be any or all of the following:

A simple statement or quote (please include author if quoted by someone else)
A personal story related to health
Photography or art you believe expresses what “health is…”
Written long or short form piece on any topic related to health or health improvement
Interview, performance, speech or expression
Great ideas are always welcome!

“Don’t worry about final editing, we can help you with that. Send your submissions to Please include your name, title, age (optional) and links to sites you manage; if your writing or work is aligned with the values of the blog, we’d love to promote you!”

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Curious about the faces behind TrueCare?

TrueCare was founded by Jeremy Quinby, Integrative Health Specialist and Health Educator, with the help of Dr. Aaron Babb, Physician and Medical Technologist.

Jeremy Quinby
Jeremy Quinby is an integrative health specialist educator with nearly 20 years experience in adult and pediatric care. Educated at St. John’s University and Upledger Institute International, he has built practices in both New York and Minneapolis, developing professional heath networks of traditional medical and integrative care in both cities and beyond.
Aaron Babb
Dr. Aaron Babb, MD, is traditionally educated from St. John’s University, Georgetown Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. He has specialized experience in orthopedics, urgent care, and rural community healthcare. He also has a uniquely broad understanding and respect for the non-traditional aspects of the human condition.
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You, could be a cardiologist, plastic surgeon, nurse practitioner, pediatrician, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist, or any other traditional, complementary, or integrative health professional looking for a supportive and collaborative community. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

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